Irradiation area: 4.15 sq. cm

Compatible with
  • BlackBox Mini
  • BlackBox
  • BlackBox Smart



LEDsaber is an efficient irradiation device developed for phototherapy protocols in clinical and pre-clinical trials. This module allows you to irradiate areas of 4.15 square centimeters with irradiance levels reaching up to 100 mW per square centimeters when in direct contact with sample.

We from BioLambda are very concerned in delivering a reliable equipment. Therefore, LEDsaber went through rigorous quality tests warranting homogeneous and precise light transmission among the entire illuminated surface.

We have developed dedicated software and hardware to guarantee more safety when you are using LEDsaber. Thus you can rely on a robust equipment protected against short-circuits, overheating and burned diodes (life spam over 10,000 hours).

LEDsaber is available in more than 20 wavelengths in the UV-VIS NIR spectra, making it a versatile device to be used in the Biophotonics, Photobiology, Photochemistry and Material Sciences. It is also a perfect tool for Photobiomodulation (PBM) and Photodynamic (PDT) Therapies.

Technical Specifications

Spot area
4.15 sq. cm (0.64 sq. in)
Compatible with
BlackBox Mini, BlackBox and BlackBox Smart
Dimensions (H x D)
130×25 mm (5.1 x 1.0 in)
Up to 100 mW per square centimeters
Optical power
2 W
  • LEDsaber;
  • Connection cable for BlackBox Mini, BlackBox or BlackBox Smart
Special characteristics
  • Provides homogeneous and uniform light emission;
  • Automatic system detects the wavelength when the dispositive is connected to the BlackBox Mini, BlackBox or BlackBox Smart interface

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
LED Wavelength

UV 265nm, UV 280nm, UV 310nm, UV 340nm, UV 365nm, UV 380nm, Violet 400nm, Violet 410nm, Violet 420nm, Blue 440nm, Blue 450nm, Blue 465nm, Cyan 480nm, Cyan 500nm, Green 525nm, Lime 550nm, Yellow 575nm, Orange 590nm, Orange 600nm, Orange 610nm, Red 630nm, Red 650nm, Deep Red 660nm, Deep Red 690nm, Infrared 700nm, Infrared 725nm, Infrared 740nm, Infrared 760nm, Infrared 780nm, Infrared 810nm, Infrared 830nm, Infrared 850nm, Infrared 885nm, Infrared 910nm, Infrared 930nm, Infrared 950nm, Infrared 980nm, Infrared 1010nm, Infrared 1050nm

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